Girls think they are so cool, so sexy, and so perfect. Well enjoy this!

Worlds Best Dad!!

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This guy hands down wins the Worlds Best Dad Award!!! I would have choked this kid?

Mike E. Winfield. Jokes on J

Every last Friday of the month, I host a comedy show called JOKES on J. this is the third one and will be the best one to date. I am bringing Mike E. Winfield to Shenanigans for you. You may have seen him on NBC’s the Office, or on Letterman, BET Comic View, and even The Arsenio Hall show. He is very clever and hilarious. You will not want to miss this show.

Also performing is the bay area’s own Big Chuckllz along with special guest Chris Reynolds. Of course I am your host. If you want to save some money you can buy your tickets online here This will guarantee you a spot in the show as this is expected to sell out. Come see myself and Mike E. Winfield this Friday night. You know you need a laugh!

Mexicans love life! No matter what their situation is, they are always happy. Take a look at this Mexican comedian named Dennis Martinez riding in the car with me for three hours to a show.

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Drunk Chicks!!

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Who doesn’t love alcohol? And who does n’t love chicks? When the two combined either someone is getting laid or this happens. Have a laugh…it is free!

Leaf the comedian Sacramento

Leaf the comedian Sacramento

I have removed my Facebook account and added a Fan Page. I know I am going to lose a lot of contact but it is important to me to one…be a free individual and not allow a website dictate my life, and two, I keep my comedy life and my personal life separate, and so by following Facebook’s rules on having to use my real name, it endangered that. So with that being said, I truly hope you all make the switch with me and follow my Fan page. I will also be utilizing this blog a lot more and posting daily my thoughts, pictures, and things to make you laugh. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to this blog so that you will get emailed updates as to what is going on with me. And please feel free to leave comments as I enjoy reading your thoughts. Ok well. That was a huge headache and I am glad it is almost over. I hope to see you guys at a show soon, and thank you all for your ever-lasting support. You guys have followed me through hell and back and I appreciate every last one of you!

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leaf rockin itI was recently told by Facebook that I had to change my name because they do not feel as though Leaf the-Comedian is my real name. These guys are very intelligent it seems. So I went a head and changed my name to Leaf Acomedian. It seemed to have worked, which means I have outsmarted Facebook and I am now THE smartest guy on the planet. Well, at least until they figure out that Leaf Acomedian isnt my real name either. And if that does happen then I will be either switching that page to a fan page or shutting it down completely. I use Facebook mostly for promotional purposes and to say stupid shit sometimes. At any rate, i want you all to subscribe to this blog so that I can stay in touch with you guys. This will be my main format to stay in touch with you and for you guys to know the goings on with me. So make sure you sign up for emails, and to subscribe to this blog. Im going to be blogging a lot more because I have more room to do what I want here. I will try and post a funny video daily and make sure I can keep you guys smiling each and every day. Well alrighty then. I hope you guys have a great Friday and do not forget to check out Jokes on J tonight at 8pm at Shenanigans..705 J street in downtown Sacramento. Great lineup!

Talk to you guys later,

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