For the past few months, I have had the opportunity to perform in other states and now I am excited to be back home and getting the ability to headline in my hometown of Sacramento as well as makes some visits to local towns nearby. Here is my Central Valley schedule. Come out to one of these HIGH-larious shows! Hope to see you there.

June 22nd – Laughs Unlimited – Sacramento, CA

June 28th – Outpost Saloon – Waterford, CA

June 29th – Whiskey Barrel – Stockton, CA



World Series of Comedy

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This competition happens every year! Hundreds of Comedians competing to get to the main event that happens in Las Vegas. Next week, starting April 19th is the Laughs Unlimited satellite. Out of hundreds of submissions, I, Leaf the Comedian, was chosen and made it to the top 40. So, Sacramento, my hometown, I need your help! Come out and cheer me on Wednesday, April 19th as I compete against 40 other comedians to advance to the main event! You can get your Tickets here by pressing “tickets” or going to I hope to see you all there! 

Raising Daughters

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Interracial Sex with Leaf

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Say My Name, Say My Name….

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So you’re probably going to eat tonight. I’m psychic, I just get a feeling that you are going to wanna eat tonight. So why don’t you and some friends come out to the Punchline on Arden n Howe and eat there? They have good food and it will be served with a side of laughs! Best part is, if you tell them you are on my guest list you get in for free! That’s right!!! Say my name say my name……. and you and your whole party get in for free!!! That’s awesome right! So stop reading this and go call or text or message some friends and come out and put some Leaf in your life! Show starts at 7:30. I’ll see you tonight, and thanks for supporting local artists!


100 day challenge!

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A kid sitting in a restaurant patiently waiting for his parents to finish. Not finish eating as they all have finished eating 20 minutes ago, but he is patiently waiting for his parents to finish their Facebook session. 

This is 20 minutes this family will never get back again. Social media is sucking life away from us. It has ruined relationships, it has made people feel not worthy or not good enough. It has deteriorated our ability as human beings to simply communicate with one another. Who talks on the phone anymore? The phone is really our way of watching our family and friends and sharing ourselves with the world. It is no longer a device to reach out and touch someone. Formal communication is almost instinct. 

Watching television or a movie as a family or with your significant other, has become obsolete. Now, tv is used as background noise as you scroll through your newsfeed to enjoy what other people are doing. Kids don’t play anymore. They are stuck in their tablets or phones slowly losing communication skills and imagination. Parent and children interaction is minimal. I have seen people ignore their kid or say “hang on” while the parent sits on their phone looking at pictures of other kids. 

Our we addicted? Can we go without? I wanna know. So, as someone that has told my kid “hang on” and someone who has picked up the phone to look at Facebook while trying to watch tv with my kids, and someone that spends a lot of time interacting with people via social media, I wanted to see how addicting this is. I wanna see if I can gain LIFE back and see how different my life can be without social media. So as soon as I finish this blog post, I will eliminate my social media apps and move on with my life for the next 100 days. I wanna see how addicted I am to social media. I wanna see if it is possible to have a life not revolving around me picking up my phone. What will happen to me and what changes will take place?  I challenge you to see if you can go 24hours without it. I bet it is harder than you think. 

If anyone needs to get a hold of me please email me 

Leaf in your Life

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Here are some upcoming dates where I will be at. Also just added Las Vegas February 15-17th