Leaf’s post on Vine

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Check out Leaf’s post on Vine!

Turning a New Leaf: http://youtu.be/gVs5QGPNVPw

Leaf’s post on Vine

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Check out Leaf’s post on Vine!

Leaf’s post on Vine

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Check out Leaf’s post on Vine!

Post Release Update #1

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So I am writing this because I wanted to give everyone an update to my situation and to let everyone know that I am ok.
On March 24th 2014 I was released from Federal Prison. My parents came that weekend with my girls whom I had not seen in 10 months prior. We had a great visit and was even better that Monday morning when I walked out of the prison after being incarcerated for almost a year n a half. It was a moment I will never forget.
With my brother driving and me and my girls sitting in the back seat we headed off to Fresno which is where the halfway house I was to report to was at. I know Fresno! I was told I would only be there for two weeks and released to home confinement after that. Well I was lied to cause it is June 8th and I am still here!
This place is ok. Well Im not in prison anymore so it is a much better situation. It is a requirement that while I stay here I either work, go to school, or volunteer.  At first I was volunteering because I like giving back and because I didnt think I’d be here that long, but when I found out that I was going to be here til July, that is when I decided to get a job. So I did and I currently work at a chicken farm called Foster Farms.  May have heard of it. Let me first start off by saying I don’t do manual labor. I have never done manual labor in my life. My new job is nothing but manual labor. I load pallets that come off of two conveyor belts on to pallets to get shipped off to grocery stores. And these cases weigh between 60 to 80 lbs each. I stack each pallet with 50 cases. I do this all day 10 hours a day and if Im lucky 12 hours. But its just another step to me getting home so I must do it.
And my favorite part of this experience is I ride a bike to work everyday. My job is 6 miles away….in Fresno heat!!!! So everyday I ride 12 miles to and from work…oh wait there is a bonus I have to tell you about. Apparently Fresno has a loose dog epidemic.  Yeah people buy these mean ass dogs and then let them lose. I get chased almost everyday by dogs when I ride my bike. There is one dog that literally waits for me. The other day I was riding home and listening to my music when the end of the song came. That’s when I hear it. It was growling and snarling. I thought it was my stomach cause I was hungry but when I looked to my right there was a pitbull 3 feet awat from my leg! After I saw tgat I may have screamed…cant remember. ..but I do remember peddling as fast as I could and that dog was keeping up pace trying to get me! Thankfully he got tired and slowed down and finally stopped chasing me. The odds are against me. Playing the numbers game Im eventually going to get caught.
But this is my life at this moment. I may not be where I should be in life but Im thankful that Im not where I was. I am staying positive and I keep reminding myself that this too will one day pass. So no matter how hard your life may seem to be remember it isnt permanent and it will one day pass. Just don’t give up.
So that’s what is going on now in my life. I am scheduled to be released July 7th to Sacramento.  It has been a long journey but Im in the tunnel and I see that light.
I’ll write again real soon. Thank you all for your support.
Live Everyday Always Free

Letter from prison #15

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Hello to everyone that can read this.
First let me start off by wishing all of the dads out there a be-lated Happy Father’s Day! I hope you got to spend the day relaxing and being loved by your kid(s). I actually got to see my daughters!! They came to spend Father’s Day with me. I wouldn’t say it was the best Father’s Day, but I did appreciate the fact that my parents took their time to bring my girls down to see me. It was such a bitter sweet. Though I got to see them and spend some good quality time with them, I again had to say bye to them and again leave them. It was very emotional and has stuck with me still. I will never get the image of my girls crying for me and asking me to come with them as they cried. I have the image of my youngest daughter crying, Bye Papa” as tears rolled down her face. I will never forgive myself for having to put them through this. They are my motivation to get through this and to get home as soon as I can.
The very next day on Monday, I was shipped over to the Drug treatment program. I have to be honest with you. The first day, I though I was going to quit. This is intense, this is extreme, and it is extremely difficult. I can not get into details, but this is THE hardest thing that I have ever had to go through. I would rather have my teeth pulled one by one while midgets with baseball bats beat me in the shins. But as I am typing this to you, I am making a promise to everyone that is reading this. I WILL NOT QUIT! Quitting is not an option. I will complete this and get home in March so that I can get to my girls whom so desperately need me. I have a great support system and an awesome girlfriend in my corner helping me get through this. I know without her, I would have quit by now. But two days are down! I officially have less than 9 months left. If I left the program and did not complete this program, I would not get out til October 2014, and if I fail the program, or get removed, then I get out January 2015. As you can see, failing is not an option.
So cheer me on. I can use all the encouragement I can get. I miss you all so much. I will be home soon.
Rickie…all, I can say is thank you, and those two words are more valuable than a whole paragraph of other words. You have been here for me since day one and you continue to be my support! I could not do this with out you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I ll see you in less than 9 months babe. I love you.
Thank you to everyone for your letters of encouragement. I truly appreciate them. I have so much homework, but I will try and stay on top of writing back. It is only fair that you took time to write me, so I must do the same in return.
Oh yeah, Here again, is my new address:

William Troy Goings
Federal Prison Camp
4000 Victory Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other. Keep laughing. Life is hilarious!
and remember to always
Live Everyday Always Free

Letter from prison # 14

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What’s up everyone! Missed me?

Well, I finally made it to Lompoc. I got here on Monday and I am just getting settled in. I have never been so excited to be at a prison than I was on Monday! This place is a lot better than where I was. I saw a blind man here, but he didn’t see me. What the fuck did he do? Rob somebody blind? (insert drum roll and symbol clash here) If a blind man can make here, then I got this!
In case you missed it, the last two weeks I was in the hole at a Maximum Security Prison in Victorville, CA. It was the United States Penitentiary. I was kept in my cell with another cellmate 21 hours a day! We got out for one hour, three times a day. the food was crappy and time moved at a snails pace. It fucking sucked. Getting of the bus at this place made me realize that this place was not playing around. We each had to get off the bus one at a time. And when we got off the bus there was two snipers pointing automatic weapons at you while you walked to the wall shackled. Thats when shit got real! I almost pissed myself when it was my turn to walk. So many thoughts went through my head. I kept hoping the snipers didn’t sneeze, or hoping none of them have turrets. I am not going to lie. I was scared shitless! When it came time to leave to come to Lompoc, shit got a little crazy, but was hilarious. Here is what happened:

I told my celly not to eat the chili the night before. They chili was fucking wrong. But he ate it…then about an hour later he told be his stomach hurt and that he is sorry for whatever it is that he is going to do….I was worried….for myself!
This chili fucked his stomach up!! He would not stop farting! He was trying to hold it in because we were stuck in the cell. And he started sweating then yelled at me, “How do you get so much air in your stomach?” hahahahaha
So they drug us out of our cell at 3:30 am to get us on the bus to Lompoc. We had to change out of our prison clothes into even more prison clothes for the bus ride. They put us in these orange jumpers, but before we could wear them, we had to get checked for contraband. They took four of us at a time and brought us into the changing room. We all lined up and were ordered to strip naked. then we had to wiggle our fingers, wiggle our toes, open our mouths, lift our balls, turn around, squat, and cough while squatting. When we squatted and cough, my celly blew ass! It was so powerful that the cop’s hair on his head who was checking him, literally moved!!! Fucking crazy. That’s when I said, “You are such an over-achiever man…the guy just wanted us to cough but you gotta one up us and show off!” We were dying laughing.
So after that, they put us all into a waiting cell. then once all 40 of us were ready it was time to shackle us. Well someone was either pissed off at me or made an error. The black boxed me, which means I got double shackled and this black box put over my handcuffed wrists. Apparently they do this for prisoners that have a history of escaping! I have never been to prison…what history do I have? While being black boxed the cop that had is hair blew back by my celly said to me, ” I bet you are not laughing now” I told him, I think you’ve got the wrong guy.” He answered and I quote,” I don’t make mistakes, You hold the tail, and I ll fuck the donkey” I replied, “I don’t even know what that means?” “Are we going to Mexico, cause I have already seen that show but it was a chick” I asked. Everyone started laughing. Now I didn’t mean to make him look dumb, but I realized that he has the power to make my cuffs even tighter than the needed to be. Lets just say that was a very uncomfortable 6 hour bus ride!
But I am here. I made it. the weather here is beautiful. The first day I was here I stayed outside so much. It had been almost 5 months since i had been outside. I was turning invisible. I swear I think I could have seen my heart beating.
But I am here. I am getting settled in. I started my job today. I ll tell you more about my job and where I am at on the next letter. this one is quite long already.
At the end of this letter, I will give you all my new address so that you can write me and send me pictures. I love mail so I hope you all will send me something.
Next week I ll tell you more about where I am at and what I am up to now. I am in a much better place. I ll tell you that much now. Thank you all for your continued support.
Rickie- 9 more months baby! Thank you for always being there for me. I know it was a rough two weeks but we are growing stronger together. I ll be home soon and we can close this chapter and begin writing a new one. I love you.

Again, thank you all for you support and i hope to hear from you soon

Remember, to always
Live Everyday Always Free
I miss you guys!

William Troy Goings

Federal Prison Camp

3705 West Farm Road
Lompoc CA 93436